Die Drachenhöhle Special w/ David in Texas

Subversion of Paganism & Creation of Christianity Sequel

The sequel to “The Subversion of Paganism & the Creation of Christianity” show. I will also discuss the Third Reich & National Socialism, Satanism, Political Satanism, Spirituality and some other related topics. This is a rebroadcast of my guest appearance on Down and Out Radio with Mike Sledge on another network from October of 2012. Commercial free. Stay tuned for my show on Political Judaism, coming soon to a theater near you. LOL!

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For OT issues, go here: http://domainofman.com & http://www.cais-soas.com/CAIS/Religions/non-iranian/Judaism/Persian_Judaism/Persia_created_judaism.htm

How The Gentiles Were Deceived Into Hating Their Own Gods


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10 years ago

It would be very interesting to hear you do a show on the TRUE MURDERERS of the Native “Amarucan” indians. Since we can clearly see the Vatican/Jesuits & Royal House of Windsor received there instructions from JEWS/ZOG Talmud. The Divine Right to Rule over the GOYIM/GENTILES & ELite Bloodlines belief etc….. We know Christopher Columbus & the Slave Ships were JEWISH OWNED & OPERATED ! Some have said the Red Man Native indigenous Ancestors held some of the most beautiful secrets of creation/nature communication/understanding via Atlantis & were a major threat to these Religious JEW/CHRISTIAN Psychopaths….. so they were marked for extermination/colonization like our indo-european Pagan/Spiritual Satanism ancestors !? Sounds like the Founding Fathers & Native Red Man Thought alike in regards to Sovereignty &… Read more »

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Excellent show guys! Absolutely wonderful, this is the highest level of thinking that our race must achieve to free itself from the Judaic chains thrown upon it. As for Nietzsche contra Wagner – believe it or not, again, the main reason was DA JEWS! I’m pretty sure Nietzsche rejected Wagner because of his anti-Semitism. Nietzsche was somewhat of a phil-Semite, in that he respected Jews for their own collective will to power, albeit manifested and demonstrated in effeminate and through subversive means. He thought that Europe could use the Jews as merchants and could learn from them.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

I have a copy of Wagner’s “Judaism in Music” and most of the books David referenced in my own library. That quote by the jew Ravage gloating was mind-blowing, never heard that! basically validates Nietzsche’s entire hypothesis.

10 years ago

Thanks Dana. Hope you caught the first show to this as well.

10 years ago

Dana, I forgot to mention. There is far more to that, than just that one quote. Will get to it at some point.

10 years ago

Regarding the American Indians. That is a mixed bag on issues & they were guilty of many atrocities against whites.

10 years ago

I understand David. Thanks 4 sharing the Spiritual Satanism & NSDAP Occult knowledge ! Very much appreciated. Keep up the excellent work !

Reply to  MediSin
10 years ago


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