Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 5-5-13

Christians are clearly RETARDED. Christianity’s Retarded Beliefs are the cause of America’s & our Race’s problems. Also time permitting: Founders as Masons / more on the Third Reich & Christianity / New Age / Wicca / Norse Mythology – Aryan / Karma / Mormonism / Scientology / more on Colonial America / Jefferson on Christianity.

Note: For Judaism see my first show on Renegade called “Political Judaism Analyzed” (May get into Islam in the future. We’ll see. ????) Tonite’s show will probably go at least 3 hours. So download the archive. Note: Guns are on the backburner again.

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10 years ago

Is this the website you mentioned that is down @ the moment ?


If so i think this website below is a backup to that info !?


Reply to  MediSin
10 years ago

Yes. Thank you.

10 years ago

AWESOME SHOW MAN!!!!! I was christian-wise long before I knew what jew-wise even was. I was asking questions in Sunday school that no one could answer, so I realized at a young age that the christian religion is basically a hollow shell, that when you look into it you see that it is completely baseless! I find it very troubling that there are so many fully grown adults that haven’t figured out what I knew when I was a child. All of these delusional people everywhere, who’s insanity is socially advantageous, that is what is insane! People who think that church-goers are the high water mark of human moralty in the community are crazy as well. They’re not moral people they’re borderline schizophrenic. The really… Read more »

Reply to  Doyle
10 years ago

You’re welcome & stay tuned. I am not done. LOL!

Reply to  David in Texas
10 years ago

I hope not, you’ve got some of the best content out there!! In my opinion! I’m not someone who “believes” in things. I think, or I know. I hope you don’t dumb it down. Ever since your Walt Disney show, I’ve enjoyed it immensely! Take care and blessings from me to you!

10 years ago

I am a first time listener.
Your voice sounds like Alex Jones. LOL!
A pro-white racist and anti-Christian version though.

Reply to  www.MoribundCult.com
10 years ago

OK. Don’t know if being like his is good or bad. He does have a radio voice regardless of the crap he puts out. Whether or not I do, is another story. LOL! If I were broadcasting in hi-fidelity, maybe we could ascertain properly. We are both from Texas, but his pc crap on Texas makes him a traitor.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

MoribundCult, we have a lot of metal/black metal listeners and we often play NSBM, so stay tuned, especially on my show Imperium Europa. I have ordered many cds from your sight in the past, that was the label for Nachtmystium right?

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