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10 years ago


Was wondering if you could direct me to any of your podcasts or articles, or maybe some books that refute British Israelism and Christian Identity.
I’ve been listening to some of your podcasts and are finding them extremely informative. Though I’ve been a Christian for almost 30 years now, I’ve been slowly moving away from it due to a lot of hypocracy and unwillingness of the leaders to look and read outside the box that religion and the Bible put them in.
It took me a while to do this and your shows (along with some others on renegade) are helping me to counter balance what I’ve been taught.
I’d appreciate whatever help you could give.

Reply to  vinnie
10 years ago

It is something that one can derive from all of the information collectively. Additionally, once you demonstrate the non-existence of Jesus, then the rest is pointless to even really be concerned with. Many have done so. I have mentioned 2 books several times in my shows. They are: Piso Christ & Caesar’s Messiah. Additionally, no serious scholar or researcher of any kind will consider either CI or BI to have any validity whatsoever. Both are agenda driven.

10 years ago

This show was jammed packed with information. I know I’ll have to listen to it at least twice more. Thanks David for another great show.

Reply to  troubles
10 years ago

Thanks. We try to do our best here.

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