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10 years ago

This is some of the most important content I’ve ever heard in a podcast! I love listening to people who are much smarter than I am. Dave, you really humbled me with this one! I think you are one of the wisest voices on the internet!

10 years ago

One more thing! Why haven’t any prominent Christians who do podcasts *cough cough* offered to debate Dave?

10 years ago

Doyle said it all. Great show, thanks.

10 years ago

Thanks! I appreciate the complements. However, I simply read someone else’s book. They can’t debate, because there is nothing to debate. They have nothing to debate with. Facts just simply speak for themselves. Here is the requested link:
I hope links can be posted here.

10 years ago

One hell of a show Dave. I’m going to make my Mom listen to this…..If she can stop watching that fucked up fake Trayvon Martin trial.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

who wrote this book dave? sounds very similar to John Lash’s book, in which he label’s Christianity “salvationism)

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