Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 8-11-13

I will finish The Jewish Communist Genocide of Russia and Eastern Europe after being cut off by Blog Talk Radio. I will start The Jewish  Communizing of America, but it will go into the next show. I will be playing a clip on Joseph Atwill’s book & film called Caesar’s Messiah.

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10 years ago

Great job, Dave –

The hairs on my arms stood straight up when you read a portion from an article in new York magazine about the Judaization of society through Christianity. This is one reason why I started coming out of Christianity due to the fact that in the end, the Christian mind set is for the Jews to ultimately rule the world ( according to the book of Revelation) .
We’re not only up against the Jew, but against those who have been made non-thinkers.

John Sholtes
10 years ago

Check out this video where William Finck lies and claims that it is Renegade Broadcasting who made the video. . This is a propaganda video put out by the NY jew William finck teling blatant lies about Renegade Broadcasting. http://williamfinck.net/comment/reply/5336#comment-form This video is a lie. The jew going off on the christian zionist who carries the sign promoting the jewish messiah who wants all gentiles to be on bended knee before him become his brides and partake in the blood drinking cannible cult religion which was forced on Europeans has nothing to do with Renegade Broadcasting Just listen to David in Texas and see what he says not some jew produced video. The deception of saying that Europeans are the real jews is the biggest… Read more »

Reply to  John Sholtes
10 years ago

Hi John,

Thanks for the link – I will check it out.
I was almost sucked innto believing the view of Finck because of its Christian bent and also being in bondage to the christian faith for almost thirty years. If it wasn’t for renegade broadcasting and a few other shows that are linked to this mindset, I would still be in a state of misunderstanding. These guys are doing a fantastic job.

10 years ago

Thx. Don’t know what to say about that video there except LOL!

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