Die Drachenhöhle w/ David in Texas 8-29-13

This is the first of a series of unknown length (number of shows) designed to inform & educate the audience who were not taught what they needed to know about these topics:

The mestizo menace / The unfinished war with Mexico / The future of the U.S. without Texas if reconquered by Mexico / Texas history, facts, information & the Texas Revolution / The major battles of the Texas Revolution / The Goliad Massacre / The Texas Declaration of Independence / The Republic of Texas / The U.S. war with Mexico / President Polk / Manifest Destiny / Texas Patriotism, Pride & Nationalism / Secession / Texas Annexation / Why the status of Texas is different than the other 49 states / Sam Houston / Stephen F. Austin / James Bowie / William Barrett Travis / David Crockett / Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna / The Texas Triangle or sometimes referred to as The Texas uncapped Pyramid / The Texas Rangers aka Los Diablos Tejanos (not the baseball team) / Why this matters / Etc.

There will be no set schedule for this series of shows but hopefully, I will do at least one a week.

Please download & pass on to others.

If you don’t consider these topics important, then you are only kidding yourself. Good luck arguing with the politically correct history presented today without this information. You are a liability without this knowledge.

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10 years ago

Are there any books about the Texas Rangers that you recommend more than others? Very interesting stuff.

Reply to  Doyle
10 years ago

I ran across a book on ebay that looked interesting: LONE STAR JUSTICE-FIRST CENTURY OF THE TEXAS RANGERS

Reply to  David in Texas
10 years ago

Thanks Dave, I know I can look for a year and find nothing so thanks for saving me time! I like old “Western” novels, the moral/ethical code of the hero barely falters (even if the “hero” is a wanted man!) That unwritten code of ethical behavior, doing what’s right, that’s what I like!

Reply to  Doyle
10 years ago

There are books out there, I just don’t know how accurate they will be. I would also suggest going to used book stores.

10 years ago

Most of the books that I have are about Texas in general & mention them, so I can’t specifically suggest anything. However there are plenty of books out there on the topic & Texas in general. Knowing what you have heard on my show, use that as a way to judge a potential book purchase. Anything that is out there on the Mexican War is probably PC. Jews have destroyed all non-PC books – on any topic.

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