Dinosaur News: Who Is Crazy Now? (8-17-16)


Beattie Boy discusses the dire straits our people face and how we need to combat it all and pull through. He gets into current events such as an attack on Muslims, the riots in Milwaukee, and some of the happenings in Canada. Of course he discusses other Renegades and his friends in the chatroom, as well as the legal underground.

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Circus Maximus
7 years ago

The story you covered regarding Aaron Driver (ISIS supporter) & the foiled “terror” plot in Canada that the FBI provided a tip to Canadian authorities is another media staged event. Don’t believe everything you read in the Jewish controlled media John…

Reply to  Circus Maximus
7 years ago

I believe the “false flag” label is a setup to confuse reality.

Circus Maximus
Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

Getting warmer. False Flags are intended to confuse reality 🙂

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

I hadn’t realised Renegade was under attack again these last few days. Hats off to Kyle and Shaun for out-smarting the jews once more.
Our message is getting out and they feel threatened. The kikes know these hits cost time and money; they are trying to demoralize us. That’s why it’s so important we all chip in with creative or financial help, when we can.
PS Good round-up of these weekly events John. Although, it does get rather confusing as to what is real or fake nowadays.

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