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8 years ago

I would say Trudeau is like a stupid puppy, but a dog wouldn’t know better and would have an excuse. Trudeau is a man and has no excuse to behave like a rowdy boy. It’s like he’s a child and the other MP’s had to discipline him, so ridiculous. Someone who supposedly runs a country should be able to control his temper and set a positive example for the people (not that I actually expect *him* to LOL). I can’t say it’s surprising though, as social justice warriors often can’t control their emotions.

8 years ago

Thanks for what you say about the disabled. I have fibromyalgia, am on disability, can no longer work, and there is a lot of stigma attached to that. Most people do think we’re lazy, but most of the people I know are like me and push themselves so hard that they make themselves feel worse. If people only knew that we had to prove disability in order to get help and it is not easy (it took me four years of doctors visits). Most of us are not fakes.

Reply to  Rose
8 years ago

Rose, don’t give up. There are nutritional supplements that can heal your condition. I know what it is like to deal with the fatigue and the sleeplessness. Take care.

Reply to  Buzzard
8 years ago

Thanks. Yes, I take a few natural supplements to help, what I can afford. Cheers!

Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Hello John, great show. Loving all that wisdom – keep imparting it on us brother! My two penneth: Trudeau seems like a narcissistic idiot ( controlled by his masters and yer, real tough – hitting a lady! ) The EU vote will be rigged just like the Scottish and now Austrian charade – i’m never voting again! Hate laws; it’s only hate to the parasites perpetuating the lies! And on and on..all at the hand of the tribe! Looking forward to next week.
Rose’s comment: keep positive ( i know hard with a disability ) but you’re with friends here at the Renegade network.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Thanks Anthony, that helps :). I do mostly stay positive anyway.

8 years ago

Thanks for kind words folks & chatters too ! Means a lot to me.

The Guy
8 years ago

For those who have not seen the Ezra “poor me” Levant begging for shekels to pay for is right to say “anti-semite” video, here is the link :
Thank you John for giving a Canadian perspective on Renegade; Always interesting stuff. Trudeau = Traitor… Look / listen to this vomit bag saying that there is no typical Canadian food and notice how they are both wearing the same shirt hahaha.

Reply to  The Guy
8 years ago

Fuck Ezra, and Gavin too. Here’s a laugh, for those who haven’t seen it:

Notice how the woman in the restaurant with our prime fagister looks like a gender bender? Transgenderism agenda? What transgenderism agenda? My “favourite” part of his house of commons bar-room brawl was his homo prance across the floor. He’s one sassy bitch, girlfrien’!

8 years ago

“Hate laws” are basically Jewish “gag” laws. You know, like a “gag order” issued by a judge?

Long live “hate.”

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