Dinosaur News: Legal Underground Resistance (5-18-16)


John talks about the need for our White advocates to form legal underground units that meet up on a regular basis. He also gets into some issues regarding Trump, agents, race war, and the different methods of resistance employed over the years.

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8 years ago

Mr. Beattie: Great show! That’s what I’d say if i was your “handler”. LOL Your discussion of “Agents” is not only wrong – it’s misleading. I certainly hope it was not your intention to mislead (because that’s what Agents do). Glad you admit to being affiliated with the jew Hal Turner who was working with the FBI for 15 years. In the time you were affiliated with the scumbag Turner – were you aware that he was an agent? As you know, there were many people citing various proofs that Turner was nothing but a paid shit-stirrer and informant. Did this ever occur to you? Did you simply dismiss the evidence? Or, what? Do you want us to believe that you were just too damn… Read more »

Reply to  Pat
8 years ago

I was going to write a comment but then I got sick after reading this crap. Same old same old bullshit. I will not be coming back. This site is poison. The person shouting loudest about the FBI is the FBI. If he is not? What does it matter? He is always in the way. Congrats. You have an official club that is very private. The Alt-Right is being attacked by the MSM more and more. Seriously, on a weekly basis. Major publications. Not just about Milo the faggot that is trying to subvert the anti-semitism movement. You forgot? This is not about Asatru or fucking White Identity…This is about Anti-Semitism. Check out Hitler, he founded an Anti-Semitic movement. Must be a conspiracy I am… Read more »

Shield Maiden
Reply to  Link
8 years ago

You won’t be missed.

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Pat
8 years ago

Pat, in the short time i have been in this fight, Renegade have remained constant – they name the JEW!
All the hosts including John act, by word and action, impeccably. They are 100% trustworthy and seem to be the only people fighting for the white race. If one of them goes ‘Angelo’, i’m sure Kyle will send them packing!
You will have far greater success finding agents in most of the other controlled op groups i imagine, but that will take you away from finding solutions to help us – your choice.

Shield Maiden
Reply to  Pat
8 years ago

Pat, would you just fuck off now? Seriously. And also, there’s no need to write War & Peace in the comments section all the damn time. Just get to the damn point.

The Guy
8 years ago

John, I don’t know how to contact you privately so I will post it here. Here we have a Canadian tribe member asking for shekels to cover is legal fees for the right to call a muslim an “anti-semite”. The title of the video is “URGENT: Help me fight for free speech or THIS word could be illegal”. Yeah thats right, free speech. In other words, the jew is being jewed by the law they lobbied for in the 60’s. The ironic meter is blowing my mind!!! Comments that reveals the truth about the tribe are being deleted. John it would be great if you could give some insight on this bizarro world event in you next show. thanks. https://youtu.be/HfswWQhOAEA

Reply to  The Guy
8 years ago
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