Dinosaur News: Realistic Victory Out Of The Ruins (7-6-16)

Parisian children

Sometimes looking at the terrible situation we face can see hopeless, and so Beattie Boy analyzes White news from around the world and lets people know that we are still alive and kicking, and have a real shot at achieving victory.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Great show Mr Beattie – although harrowing about those poor animals, and i’m not talking about the Canadian homos! Hats off to you sir! You are very brave. To pass on your knowledge and speak for 2 hours is fantastic. PS I do the UK lotto occasionally ( i know, jew and corrupt) but hey, you gotta dream! I’m not materialistic but If i win , after my 2 sisters and 4 nieces have grabbed their portion, Renegade and all you hosts will be next on the list. A good white Soros – now that will make a change! PPS Does that lastest black shooting with the 2 cops look dodgy to anyone? Could it be a BLM psy-op on the day Damon idiot calls… Read more »

Anthony Roberts
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Update: We now have a second shooting in Minnesota ( Daily Mail ). A black man shot in his car whilst his gf calmly live streams the whole thing on faceberg. She’s more interested in telling the world than helping her man. Very strange. Also they allow her to film from the back of a police car. These are getting more like hollywood movie clips – funded by Mr Soros!

7 years ago

Dallas Police being murdered : urgency of Legal Underground Defence Units being in Legal Position, as stressed in my broadcasts !!

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