Dinosaur News: Rhodesia & Invasion of the West (8-31-16)


Beattie Boy talks about what happened to Rhodesia, reading from Douglas Reed, then moved on to discuss the dire straits our people face right now, especially in regards to the invasion, and what needs to be done.

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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Although it was ultimately futile, the bravery of those white patriots was unquestionable.
Too true about whites giving ‘life’ to blacks in Rhodesia, and all around the world for that matter.
The elitist’s pretend to want Mugabe gone, but he will be replaced by another black savage. No doubt Kissinger will get to choose who that is.
Lots of good insights and info as usual Mr Beattie. I hope the weather stays mild for you.
PS Can i take refuge in this flat earth safe place please? We need big John next door to bang all our heads together lol.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

CORRECTION : In this talk, I mentioned an appearance I made at an Immigration Hearing in Ottawa , to allow visitor Richard Biederman, entry into Canada. Decades ago, and in the mist, I may be mistaking Biederman for Australian Eric Wenberg. Apologies to all.

brian boru
Reply to  John Beattie
7 years ago

I knew Biederman when I was in the Rhodesian army. A good guy. Unfortunately, he was killed in a ‘friendly fire’ accident in Mocambique in late 1977.

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