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Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Thank you Graham and Brian. What a sad tragic situation – wow, 7 people a day ending their lives. What angers me is the misery they induce in the process. They don’t just want you dead and gone – but you need to be humiliated as well! Parasitic bastards!! Glad you put in the disclaimer about the English. The ordinary man and woman has had no say in the wars, rape and plundering of other nations ( apart from foolishly believing the democracy con. ) The jew hand has guided our treacherous puppet gov for centuries – creating division as always. So sorry about your wife Brian. The German lady sounds amazing and a gift. The jews have been tearing people’s souls since day one… Read more »

7 years ago

> Fuck you, pay my mortgage.

This is basically what is going on here.

Some balance.

There are about 40,000 in Ireland who are 2 years or more behind in their mortgage payments. Since the banks are nationalised here, what these people want are write-downs at taxpayer expense. I rent myself so would be paying for these writedowns as well as be impacted by such houses not going on the market therefore decreasing housing supply.

I say fuck you and pay me what you owe me to live in that house or get out.

Reply to  Jim
7 years ago

Jim, have you ever attended these eviction courts? Probably not. You will not see anyone in there is refusing to pay their mortgages or look for a write down. They just simply want to engage with the bank to ease off with their vile threats. It’s a case for them to either feed their families or pay the mortgages and many can’t cope and hence are taking their lives. Do you condone this? I have never refused to pay my mortgage but instead made an offer to the to pay to the best of my ability which they accepted for 4 years until they railroaded me in clear violation of contract law. As for the banks being nationalised they were paid off with taxpayers money… Read more »

Reply to  Jim
7 years ago

Firstly their mortgage payments have gone up because of the artificial inflation of house prices due to the nigswarm which you are paying for (enjoy!) Dont mind paying for 3rd worlders then? Aaaand also because you have the delight of the EU dictating your home rules. Secondly you’re on the fucking euro, so banks are effectively not nationalised by default if not for any other reason, and neither is Ireland at all in any form. At least the UK is half out and has it’s currency still because they have the Bank of England, but that is still all international money. No country in Europe is nationalised, unless you count Iceland, and Im sure there may be ONE other I can’t think of somewhere. SANITY… Read more »

7 years ago

Love your shows Graham. Was Brizer the mami’s shit mod who posted several of your PIR shows there last year? That was where i first heard of you. Then i think you said PIR was trying to steer you away from discussing the DinJooz problem, around the time you had CGiuliani on, last Oct/Nov? Charles ripped the dinjooz a new one in that show LOL. Then you & PIR parted ways very shortly after that show with CG. I searched PIRs site coz I was interested in browsing your archived shows, but there was no sign that you ever existed there, except for a listener comment or 2. ^ Scrubbed! Is that normal when a host departs PIR? Or were you a special case?… Read more »

Graham Hart
Reply to  SammySang
7 years ago

Thanks for the positive feedback Guys – Here are my Archived Shows from Mami’s .Sammy.

Ingrid B
7 years ago

Sounds as though this will be an interesting year..

I travelled through Eire, from Dublin through Balinasloe, to the west coast with a couple of friends years ago, and was curious as to why there were so many new, unfinished houses everywhere, and was told that the banks were responsible. That was before I learned about jewish usury..

Would have loved to meet the German lady..

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