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Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

I tip my hat to Paul – having the knowledge , tenacity and guts to take on these greedy giants. It does appear that it has taken quite a toll on his family circumstances though.
I agree with everything being 180 or upside down. I now take everything the ‘experts’ say with a pinch of salt. I love being out in the sun here in the ( tropical ) UK – having hidden from it for the last 20yrs. To think they tricked me about cancer, not to mention depriving all those women of seeing my h’wite skinny bod!!

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
8 years ago

Who knows how many doctors’ cancer diagnoses are legitimate. . . they could show us an x-ray of someone else’s body…how would we know the difference?
The sayanim monsters who infest the “health” care system are capable of any atrocity, if told to do so.

8 years ago

Guest Webster mentioned NI cop Tony Carlin arrested for contempt of court in his mortgage repossessioin defence, UKC interview was upped Monday, generally informative on the issues – may be on YT too(?) The cop was technically correct about 85-90%. In contrast Webster came across as a sleazy bludger who signed up for domestic power supplies then spins BS yarns to BG to evade paying. Ditto the council tax thing, we know it’s all a scam but this is totally dishonest and dishonorable for a white man or anyone else for that matter and if it becomes common practice the corporates will clamp down. He undertook to pay and later weasled out. No self respect. His remarks about BG’s warrant process were briefly interesting… Read more »

Ron Vibbentrop
8 years ago

I would say stick to fighting the victimless ‘crime’ complaints made against you by the State ie. parking/traffic tickets, children being snatched by the State, learning how to be a ‘man’ and holding your own court, code vs common law, lawful vs ‘legal’ etc.
Karl Lentz has a logical & learned approach –

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