The Graham Hart Show: Vin B Sunday (7-25-16)

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Graham speaks with Vin B Sunday from People’s Internet Radio about a variety of topics, including: the legal system, how to interact with courts, freeman on the land ideas, the essence of the name, mortgages, the suicide epidemic in Ireland, the nature of banking, taking our power back and much more.

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7 years ago

You can burn half the tree and expect to live on the other half.

7 years ago

Damn, sorry admin. Please delete my previous comment.
Correction: “You can’t burn half the tree and expect to live on the other half.”

Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Enjoyable show Graham and cheers to Vin. A sad subject but lots of good info and humour. These b’s are genociding people through stress alone.
The jews have a production line of elitist traitors willing to do their dirty work. They (elitists) provide that second tier of master via the private school system. Like you say, they are given ‘the knowledge’ while the peasants are kept comfortably dumb.
PS The US police are being set up imo. The police chiefs answer to the jew. Nearly all of these cop shootings of blacks are false flags or hoaxes. It’s just another way for the jew to get gentiles to kill each other. Don’t surrender any guns.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
7 years ago

Indeed, those caught teaching Liberal arts to the slaves were punished and even killed. Thomas Becket was doing that, and I believe that is why he got killed in the cathedral.

7 years ago

great show graham and a great guest with vincent, very important information, cheers lads

Ron Vibbentrop
7 years ago

Thanks for the show chaps. However, I don’t know where you got the idea that anyone who goes to a public (fee-paying) school in the UK gets taught directly any more ‘special knowledge’ that works to their advantage than anyone else. I attended a public school (not a top one, but we moved in the same circles as Eton and Harrow etc) for five years, and I never received any schooling in financial instruments or the Bills Of Exchange Act or anything like that (maybe they do at the aforementioned schools, I don’t know). There was never any training in how to use the ‘system’ at all in an economic sense, or even the Trivium method/critical thinking as some claim. What we did get was… Read more »

Reply to  Ron Vibbentrop
7 years ago

Funnily enough, I heard it was Eton, but I have no concrete proof. Your schooling sounds fascinating and worthy of some Air time if you wish.

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