Heathen Hof: Securing a Future for Unwanted Slaves (6-12-18)

Heathen Vegan discusses the state of the world as he sees it from across the pond. It is not a pretty picture facing us, and the odds do seem stacked against us, especially with controlled opposition games, so HV closes with some thoughts about the importance of “spiritual” faith and confidence in our struggle.

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6 years ago

We all have to toughen up and find ways to circumvent this oppressive jewish stranglehold. Worrying about the families of other races must end. These folk have been programmed to destroy us.

Spare your love, energy and scarce resources for OUR damaged young living on the streets, and try to insulate as best, your own family from the coming jewish chaos.

Perhaps forming our own NS heathen communities, in rural areas, will give us the legal standing to fend off these (((state))) intrusions, and attract more Whites to the truth.

PS Very enjoyable show HV. I like to hear your views and philosophy on the current (non) events.

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
6 years ago

Thank you Anthony,

Yes, I don’t have all the answer, maybe not even a few. I do know though that whatever route we take, we will need to be courageous and unflinching in our approach.

A small community of like minded folk would be a beautiful thing. It would also give us the chance to lead by example. People are simple really, when they see something good they want to be a part of it.

Again thank you for your comment and constant support of my efforts. As you know I always enjoy your commentary, especially your usual humorous play on words 😀

Heathen vegan
Reply to  renegade
6 years ago

I feel you on that one. I know my shows can sometimes be a little dark, but it will do us no good sticking our heads in the sand.

I do believe however, there is a wealth of hidden, super natural forces urging us on. That if we can find the courage to take on this beast, many will be amazed how things start to turn in our favour. We must though be fearless in this quest, as any fear or doubt will sap from it is power.

Reply to  Heathen vegan
6 years ago

I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I want to say that I wholeheartedly agree with your words. Thank you, Heathen vegan.

6 years ago

I saw that pro-Palestinian, big time anti-white ideology in Starhawk, the social engineering character who pushes judeo-marxist (((paganism))). She made herself out to be the meek potential victim, telling of a trip to Gaza. Of course now I don’t abide that in anyone and don’t accept it as just one dimension of a complex person, as was promoted recently.

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Callwen
6 years ago

It is sad, the pro Palestinian movement and the “pro White” movement should go hand in hand. Sadly, the agitators have convinced the pro Palestinian folk that they will get more traction with the left. This In my opinion is why the leftist jews like Soros, have been openly pro Palestine. They will not allow us natural allies to play on the same field. Many on “ourside” have also taken this bait. See Tommy “anti Islam, civic nationalist” Robinson as a case in point.

6 years ago

Heathen, I know from a creditable source that Pakistani Muslims centrally collect money from their congregation and area specific population in order to create a resource pool with which to provide banking type loans. The stipulation is that so much money is paid back per period to account for this, without interest. I am not talking about an Islamic Bank here but a hierarchical structure which the government actively ignores, growth permitting. I am fully aware of the general problems with immigration and the powers that be but I think that this is an interesting point juxtaposed to our inability to form White Western Groups outside of the Christian denomination. I know from first hand experience that the general issue is non-European immigration as I… Read more »

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Rob
6 years ago

Hey Rob, The Contrast is not just in their financial support for one another, but in all areas of community. They are in a foreign land and come from places that are still very tribal. Whilst we have had this tribalism knocked out of us, by years of propaganda and individualist capitalist ideals. I do believe however that as the problem worsens (like kife crime in London) The indigenous folk of our isles will, even if they will not admit it, look to forming bonds more inline with a tribal nature. It is down to us few to make sure they are not swept up by likes of Tommy Robinson. Thus tricked into destroying their own goals by deception. I suppose atm it comes down… Read more »

6 years ago

just starting show, but just came across more not-so-good news which looks like white-bashing:


6 years ago

I so appreciate the HV/European perspective. The big cats analogy is so important. If I had the tech knowledge I’d take that bit you shared on the cats and forward it everywhere. To not back down is the bar to reach for. And to encourage spirituality as you did is another important (I’d say urgent) component in the many challenges before us. And spirituality doesn’t have to be in any particular box; it’s just about what speaks to our individual spirits, speaks to us. For those struggling with the idea of guidance and support from beyond the physical, I just say, test it out for while, try communicating with whatever or whomever you deem a possible source of help, and then see, see what fruit… Read more »

Heathen Vegan
Reply to  Liz
6 years ago

Hey Liz, The spiritual aspect of our struggle is for me the most vital, although I am unsure I did it full justice in this broadcast. I will though come back to it in more detail at some point. I will also have some guests on, who have been involved in the “spiritual” element a lot longer than I. Thank you for your kind words on my little piece at the end. Using your words as encouragement, I will try to make some short “inspirational” videos. I have a few ideas, that I think would work in short 5 to 10 min videos, but as I have never done video editing it something I have put off. I will add these to my to do… Read more »

Reply to  Heathen Vegan
6 years ago

Thank you, and yes, always more to learn. I will look forward to your offerings.


6 years ago

Really enjoy your shows, you have a great skill at conveying your message and it’s clear you genuinely want the best for your people.
I wish you all the best brother .

Heathen vegan
Reply to  Reboot
6 years ago

Thank you Reboot,

messages like yours help to encourage me onward. Im glad you are enjoying my shows, I hope to do a lot more in the near future.

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