High Noon w/ Mike Sledge 3-20-14

Mike Sledge is back from the grave to once again challenge those evil Eskimos to a dual. The wild west will never be the same!! Quick on the Draw and ready to let those hasbarats crawl on their knees to beg for forgiveness!! Be there!! A new chapter in radio!! Thank God For The Renegades!!!

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10 years ago

I take it Eskimo is the new codeword for Jew.

Reply to  Steven
10 years ago

It’s not new. It’s been around since the mid-1950’s or so at least. See Commander rockwell using this traditional codeword for Jew in this tract:


10 years ago

Great show Mike! Glad to see you back in the game. Happy Belated Birthday too brother! These Eskimos don’t know what’s coming! 😉

10 years ago

Loved the new ‘High Noon’ show Mike! I knew you were of too strong a character to stay out of the fight for too long! Happy birthday from down under!

10 years ago

Are you serious about this mime thing or were you high?

i think it would be better to concentrate on spreading the Mantra and the memes in a way that’s not going to legitimately make us into laughingstocks.

If you want to get the attention of the JWO,passing out fake money with the memes and Mantra on it would be a good idea.Not counterfeit bills,mind you, but novelty “money”. You might even be able to get crowds of non-whites to chimpout over it.

Reply to  Thanatos
10 years ago

Just a small suggestion, the novelty bills should have in there center, instead of an evil old dead white male, a blinged out chimpanzee with a giant sombrero.

10 years ago

Happy birthday Mike!
I told you people he will be back!
I always thought it were the JEWs,but thanks for clearing it up Mike,its the fucking ESKIMOS!!!I knew it!!

Mike & Nik
10 years ago

We enjoyed this show. Mike is a comedic genius… We were laughing and nodding our heads in agreement all truth out the show. Truly a great show! Keep it up the good work guys.

10 years ago

Mike we want another WHEEL OF JEWPARDY!!
Oh,i am sorry,WHEEL OF ESKIPARDY!!

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

I just knew that the Sledgehammer would return. I’m gonna enjoy the show later today while I’m lifting weights.

10 years ago

Beware imitating Clint WESTwood, if you recall the now de-throned and defunct ex-cult leader Cultic Rabbi [celtic rebel] provided evidence that clint eastwood was clearly an initiated homosexual priest and made allusions to penis size sans his ‘snub nosed revolver’ , also called his character “Dirty Hairy”. And if i recall that other movie franchise clit westwood was in, ‘any which way but loose’, he did like to hang around with a chimp, so its clearly a sick mind that bought all this together, clint and his West Wood , dirty hairy ,his pet chimp and his penchant for snub nosed revolvers. “Go ahead son, spin my dreidel”.

Reply to  Deucalion
10 years ago

Celtic Rebel smoothie – “everybody is gay except Rectal Master”.

10 years ago

Hey Mike, did KGB bought you off? You said yourself that ukrainians will never trust anything coming from Jewtin’s mouth.

People are leaving KGB only one way – alive in a coffing riding into crematory flames, hands tied with piano wire. So you better watch out!

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