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10 years ago

Dana. I didn’t realize that Kaminski had such a negative concept of White Nationalism or I wouldn’t have given him such a unqualified thumbs up. He is right on about 9-11 and Jewish control but for some reason he still doesn’t get it right on race. He is absolutely right though about Christianity. The framework of Christianity is ALL JEWS. The Indians were barbaric savages, and we don’t have to apologize for displacing them. We created a high civilization on this continent before it was destroyed by the Jews.

10 years ago

Great show Dana, don’t worry about the technical difficulties, one day I’m sure this will be referred to as “the good ol’ days” of renegade.

10 years ago

Great show Dana, John is an excellent spokesman for the cause. Jeff Rense screwed up when he canned him. Why don’t you guys talk him into doing Tuesday nights sometimes. You did a great job of interviewing him, you let your guest talk and you ask the right questions. Don’t ever let yourself get like that ahole plastic face David Duke that won’t let his guest talk because he is too full of himself.

10 years ago

Thanks for having Kaminski on, I always learn something new when I listen to him. I could not catch this live unfortunately. Have him on again as your open invitation hinted towards. I have to say however that instead of talking about the Federal Reserve as most do, an open attack on the media will be far more effective. Once the jews are out of control of that, everything else will follow. Tell your fellow worker, neighbours etc not to have cable TV or buying that newspaper or magazine. To not finance the lie.

10 years ago

Dan, what was the name of the Italian band you played during the technical difficulties, it broke up a little when you said their name? They sound a little like a heavier version on Evanescence.

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