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10 years ago

The Silent generation did not fight in WW2 for the most part they were children during the war. They are called silent because they were sandwiched between the WW2 Hero Generation (so-called Greatest Generation) and the Boomers who were the loudest most obnoxious generation in the history of the world. There was not one Silent generation president, as a Generation they never took power and were culturally and politically dominated by the GI generation and then by the younger Boomer generation.

10 years ago

Good reading on tactics, this is a cultural war above all else.

10 years ago

I like the article read as far as the concept that people consider the
MESSENGER before and above the MESSAGE. That is why I(Damon),
Bill and Sid brought up character standards on 1/18 & 1/25 roundtables.

Renegade has a great MESSAGE for the shows and the White Man March, but
people will notice MESSENGERS which may be obese, tattooed, smoke and
will then later realize several are drunkards who are looking for drinking buds.

Maria Van Diemen
Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

Geez! Is Damon still here stinking up the comments? Does he realise how much he sounds like a stuck record whiny jew?!!!

Just a reminder, this is Damon’s last comment in a long line of them re never listening to Renegade again from February 5, 2014 at 3:54 pm –

“As for me… I will not listen to anymore Renegade shows”

Link –

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