Imperium Europa w/ Dana Antiochus 3-12-14

Reflecting on my experience at Renegade, the White Man March; staying focused on the enemy – promoting the european racial awakening in a positive way, and if time allows, a reading on the Lunar Festivals of Spring and Julius Evola’s “Three Aspects of the Jewish Problem”

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10 years ago

The Metal General steps away from the field…Dana, I followed you and Sieg to this network, and I’ve greatly enjoyed all of your shows…Even the metal tunes sung by those who sound like they imbibe Draino. You rank among the Immortal Irreplacables.

Kiggers Nill
10 years ago

Hi Dana,

Are there any photos of you, Mike or Sig participating in the march? If not, why not?

Aside: Dear moderator, thank you for your consideration.

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