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10 years ago

Thanks Dana for this important historical information. I mentioned before that my son Dana appreciates this refreshing look at historical events that all you guys present and encourage. I really do not know why someone like Yeager would call all this crazy. I think she is still influenced by totalitarian think aka jew think, christianity. Anglin has good prose but this is not enough to convince me of an original thinker whatsoever. Putting pictures of the Black Sun and others such as Hitler on his site does not make anyone a National Socialist. Anyone can do that these days. His recent post to now accept donations so he can afford to go to Europe and not work for food is really self evident of his… Read more »

10 years ago

In regards to the technical difficulties of echoing,
think I know what causes this to happen, my theory:

I noticed in previous shows that if a caller waits
on phone listening to the show for a long period of
time before being unmuted then it will echo when he
is finally allowed to talk, probably after an hour.

This usually is not a problem for most because they
can listen to the show on an internet computer then
only call in as a guest and when the host requests.

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Thanks a lot Carmen – you nailed it. Andre thinks he’s going to be accepted by Golden Dawn, but he should realize they really want people of Greek descent, not just American white nationalists. I plan on going to Europe myself, and I am saving my own money to do so. I am part Greek and mostly Italian, so genetically I look like the Greek people, and have found they mostly embrace me as one of them. Yeager is part of the old guard and right-wing/Christian thinking, she is very far behind the new revolutionary, third-positionist, anti-capitalist, pagan/neo-folk based awakening. Really appreciate your comment!

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Damon, you might be right! I’m going to have to try something new because i’m getting sick of all the technical problems on my show.

Tristen lohingren
10 years ago

Anglin is a paid informant.. Do not trust his race baiting his past is very subject plus he in tight with those CI nuts die laney and friend ..
Plus he, friend and the rest do not work. Take donations ? How do they support themselves? CIA Jew money and tracking the people who donate…

10 years ago

ya Tristen, i understand all that – i think its just ignorance, i doubt he is an informant. frankly i’m not worried about this type of thing unless it is over the top race-baiting – i don’t hold it against them that they haven’t dragged their minds out of christianity and found something to synthesize race with their “faith” – CI to me isn’t much to worry about, but it can be a nuisance. John Friend and others serve a purpose in getting the info out to their audiences even if we disagree on religion.

10 years ago

just started to delve into your chats. I am enjoying them. You like Nietzsche, I swear his stance was in favor of the jews and spoke out against those who have distaste or anti-semetic attitude towards them>?.. maybe I’m wrong or memory is slipping been awhile since I read his stuff…

anyway, digging your shows, lots to catch up on.

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