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10 years ago

Creativity is the solution to the problem that is Christinsanity!

10 years ago

Dana, Fantastic job on this week’s program. Just what I needed to hear, especially coming out of 25 years of bondage to Christianity. Most Christians (I would dare to say that ALL of modern-day Christians), don’t realize that their religion is SECULAR at best due to the fact that the Messiah was only promised to the House of Judah and the House of Israel ( National Israel) . The Gentiles mentioned in the New Testament were the lost tribes of the House of Israel being brought back into the fold in the first century through the preaching of Paul, John, Peter, and James and ALL the prophecies concerning National Israel were finished by 70a.d. with the destruction of the temple and city of Jerusalem. According… Read more »

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

Vinnie, I couldn’t have said it better myself. Glad our message is getting through – and to the Christians who can’t see this because they’re blind or in denial, eventually they will be forced to confront these facts less they live in illusion.

10 years ago

Stalin was a Yid. His real name `Dzhugashvili’
in Georgian means “Son of a Jew.”

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