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10 years ago

Dana, My condolences for your loss. I just lost 2 labs in April, one week apart. I now have my first lab that’s 14yrs. 9 months starting to loose control of his back legs. I have him on prednisone and weed butter for the pain. I feel you pain to the fullest. I don’t know how you did your show and a great show it was. I used to go to the feast at the north end when I lived in Waterbury as well as the Greek Festival. I used to live in the Bunker Hill section of Wtby. Shoot me your email if you want. Your labs soul is part of yours and will still show that he is with you. Believe me, mine… Read more »

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

thanks a lot bro – i used to go to a record store called “phoenix records” right in that area of waterbury for years, but i think they went out of business a while ago. my email is

10 years ago

Henry Ford (Founder of Ford Motor Co., 1863 – 1947):

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