Insights from an Observer 6-26-14


On Fascism and Why it is The Answer

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss the political movement of fascism. We will also discuss relevant current news.

As always, your calls are welcomed and encouraged.

Also of note: Friday, I will be a guest on Circus Maximus @ 7PM EST:

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10 years ago

Lobstah Time. I like it. Your intonation suggests you’ve done a bit of reading into Downeast Culture. Allow me to recommend John McDonald and Tim Sample. They aren’t “us” per se, but they are old-school New Englanders. Yankees, whatever (prounounced wut-evah with emphasis on the ah.) It’ll give you an idea of what you’d be getting yourself into if you come here. Sorry for the Yankee-centric comments, but it tickles me to hear you talk about my region. I’ve listened to your show since you’ve had it here and I’ve always liked your style. But without going into a long, anachronistic and uncommonly verbose rant about some topic or other, I do feel compelled to comment on what I’ll go ahead and call the Northeastern… Read more »

Reply to  Seaxwulf
10 years ago

Thank you, brother.

I will look into those two’s writings…have a few irons in the fire as it is.

I am honored you enjoy the show.

I will keeping doing it as long as Kyle and the listeners desire me to do so.

14 Words.

10 years ago

I see international capitalism as a race to dominance by the capitalists, which forces the laborers to race unto the bottom. This creates a world where all laborers are competing against each other at the convenience of the capitalist. This means that the capitalists’ profit margins are the ultimate measure of ‘value.’ One may think that this is only fair, for various reasons, until one realizes that different peoples will react differently to the same situation. When we realize this, we realize that non-Whites will never rise to the level, in a holistic social way, that Whites have risen to, therefore we Whites must defend ourselves against the international capitalists, who are truly race-traitors.

10 years ago

I totally agree, BAL.

Another reason I advocate fascism/national socialism.


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