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9 years ago

Is Hor-hey the new Jim?

“Um…. What is the show about?”

9 years ago

Sorry that you’re off your game, emotionally. I can sympathise. I don’t know as I have anything especially clever or earth-shattering to say which might help. But I’ll give it a shot. You mentioned confirmation bias in a comment in your youtube channel when asked about metaphysics. One of the things I do when I am tempted to throw in is remind myself that I am an extension of my ancestry. Part and parcel with Germanic mythology is the Teutonic spirit of what I’ll call “grim optimism.” Along with the Celts, we laugh at hopelessness. of all the races, our Gods represent the seeming truth the best – the God of Death and Wisdom, Woden, knew his own death, and the death of his order,… Read more »

9 years ago

Thank you.

You understand.

I must move to Maine.

I must, and I will.

9 years ago

I would do you a horrible disservice if I told you Maine is perfect. I love it because it is my home, and so I am loyal to it.To what it can and should be. But from what I know of demographics, we have less in the realm of undesirables, this despite H.U.D’s extraneous efforts to bend us in unnatural ways over a rainbow-painted barrel. We also have an extremely unhappy Middle Class that knows it is being outstripped, outmoded and, well, financially and culturally raped. I know this because I’m one of them. Most of us aren’t racially aware, though, but could be. I’m too stupid to keep quiet about certain things, and I always feel people out. If I avoid blatantly inflammatory language… Read more »

9 years ago

You reminded me of how I felt when living in Luxembourg. I could never enjoy going out there either, or even a train journey through the beautiful countryside. One good thing is it saves you a lot of money because I simply stopped going out to restaurants.
Sorry I have not had time to listen to the whole show yet. I miss you on You Tube but understand that these shows must take a lot out of you.
All the Best for the future brother.

Jorge A. Gracia
9 years ago

Well I’m not promoting Hinduism or the concept of “light vs darkness” I just tuned in to observers show Circus. Hor-hey haha but really call me George. That’s what Jorge means in English. Or don’t its your choice

9 years ago

I have to disagree strongly with the idea that being in the military shows that “fascism gets things done.” My experience in the military showed me that authoritarianism leads to preferring political BULLSHIT over actual effective use of resources. Everything good that my battalion (or technically, due to a split/re-org thing, my company) did was IN SPITE of certain members of our chains-of-command/”responsibility.” And yeah, the absolute nut, the “dear god how did this person even make E-5” piece of shit was a Negro woman. Authoritarianism ‘works’ when the controllers want what you want. The question is this: how often is this the case? Look at the true power dynamics in the world, and you may see that the natural tendency is for the ruler… Read more »

9 years ago

Very interesting take, BAL…

My take on fascism is within the confines of a racially homogeneous military and society.

My unit was over 90% European, and we got the mission done and beat our targets—18-20hr days and caffeine be damned.

Political favoritism will always exist–we might as well get rid of all humans, as that is the only way to extricate ourselves from her biases.

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