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Jorge A. Gracia
9 years ago

Actually wen you think about it, if it takes 2 million troops to secure the border, then that would create a ton of jobs!
And here is a movie for those who are new to the subject

9 years ago

You are brilliant and very inspirational speaker Observer. Great show!

9 years ago

Back to haunt you, Mistah Observer. I’m like the Summah Complaint that never goes away. Good show. There is something I feel I can, and should add. Before the realities we’re all dealing with helped the straw-men break the back of the camel I was riding, I used to do Missionary Work in Guatemala. I have seen the place you’ve “ranted” about. (Most of us would do well to rant in such an organised fashion.) What I saw, heard (and smelt) has kept in my mind’s eye. One thing that always stuck in my craw is this: it is not as impoverished as we are led to believe. This shall not surprise your listening audience, however the wheels on the bus going round and round… Read more »

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