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Jorge A. Gracia
10 years ago

Actually wen you think about it, if it takes 2 million troops to secure the border, then that would create a ton of jobs!
And here is a movie for those who are new to the subject

10 years ago

You are brilliant and very inspirational speaker Observer. Great show!

10 years ago

Back to haunt you, Mistah Observer. I’m like the Summah Complaint that never goes away. Good show. There is something I feel I can, and should add. Before the realities we’re all dealing with helped the straw-men break the back of the camel I was riding, I used to do Missionary Work in Guatemala. I have seen the place you’ve “ranted” about. (Most of us would do well to rant in such an organised fashion.) What I saw, heard (and smelt) has kept in my mind’s eye. One thing that always stuck in my craw is this: it is not as impoverished as we are led to believe. This shall not surprise your listening audience, however the wheels on the bus going round and round… Read more »

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