Insights from an Observer 7-24-14


Maturing in the Movement (Love and Hate)

Tonight, join an Observer as we discuss an insightful conversation and the realizations which came from it. I have been running myself ragged the last two weeks, so the show may end early tonight…my apologies in advance. Your calls are welcome and encoraged.

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9 years ago

Don’t get to listen to many shows by this brother(first time I ever had inkling to describe this man with the term ‘brother’). A minute or 2 in to the show got a call to lend someone a hand, instinctively took off my headset and assisted the request. By the time I got back, damn broadcast was almost over, shortest show ever on renegade. Curiosity or whatever, I reloaded the archive, the topic about the crucial step from hate to love of our race was one of the most insightful and truly needed discussions I have ever heard. It is a bridge I crossed many years ago, not voluntarily, just naturally, but it made me realize the importance of it. It also explains what to… Read more »

9 years ago

I slept two hours the night before, and I work 65-70hrs/week.

I will attempt to provide longer broadcasts in the future, brother.

Many apologies.

9 years ago

I feel bad I didn’t get to this sooner. Good stuff, Observer.

You’ve probably done so, but if you, like me, love philology you ought to look up the way Love is translated in Greek. It has different species, there.

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