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9 years ago

2 Points,

23andme is run by Jewess Anne Wojcicki who is married to Jew Sergey Brin of Google, you have handed over your cash and genetic data for her to do with as they please. There was some rumours that they were classifying many European people as say 0.01 negro/kike etc as part of a political agenda. Only a rumour as I say so Don’t quote as fact.

The intro music you put on this show is intensely annoying. Metal through a horrible low quality sound filter such as what is on blog talk is absolutely horrendous to listen to.

9 years ago

Hey man, just got a chance to hear this archive. You are absolutely right, you better start getting angry or what ever it takes. As far as the Jersey caller, I have heard them all, calm, trying to make some illusive intellectual point of view, ect, ect. Well I have been down that road with those sort of hypnotic hallucinations. I say that because, reality for whites has only gotten harsher , especially in places like Jersey. Now I don’t want to come off as some tough guy or I have seen everything there is to see, but I have experienced first hand, the brutality of war. And that includes racial war, I still carry some of the physical scars, and I have heard the… Read more »

9 years ago

I totally agree…we must focus on ourselves and our own people.

The adversaries can offer us nothing but betrayal.

Indeed, the greatest enemy is the enemy within–other Europeans/Whites.

They must be the FIRST we overcome.

The rest will fall like dominoes.

9 years ago

To Seamus: It is no over-exaggeration to say jews are in control of most all institutions and corporations. If I avoided everything the jews were involved with, I could only live in a cave in the woods. How do you avoid giving even one cent to jews? Tell me your secret. I’m serious…because I don’t want them to have my money…any of it. So, tell me your secret. They have my DNA…and? They just reinforced my struggle against them and my pride in my people. Who do you think just got hurt more? Your last line of them adding groid DNA where there is none does seem like something jews would do, however. If you do not like metal, that is unfortunate. I don’t like… Read more »

9 years ago

You shows are always interesting. Thanks. I do not always have time to listen to all but these broadcasts really keep my morale up. I went without for a few weeks and realised I was missing listening to them. I also had my DNA results tested with 23andMe. You can see them on my You Tube channel of the same name. Cheers.

9 years ago

My 23andMe results showed 99% “off world”. I’m good with that. Good show Obs….10 pounds of info in a 5 pound bag. The music was outstanding….eddie

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