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9 years ago

I have not been around much, as, honestly, it is hard to even listen to the ever-unfolding story of our demise. I know what’s happening, and I do what I have the ability to do in spreading the message. I just now got the idea that ya’ll may be able to land an interview with a guy who, while not one of us, as far as I know, has been consistently solid, in fact, admirably and notably solid: Michael Scheuer. I don’t know what his game is, to be honest, but he has sounded like an honest man, an America-first type, and he seems to have been kicked out of mainstream punditry. No, I don’t know how to contact him, and if ya’ll can’t figure… Read more »

9 years ago

You forgot the most important challenge of all. Look around yourself and STOP WORKING at a job to make money for all the people that are mixed race & other races that are NOT of the White race & Anti-White race. By working for those people that support mixing you are actively supporting our own White genocide & extinction! Most Whites of the White race don’t even know or care what mixed race or race their employers are that are treating them like goyslaves! IDIOTS! THEY ARE DESTROYING THEIR OWN FUTURE BY WORKING FOR THE GOYSLAVE MASTERS! I know it is difficult to find out what mixed or race they really are but you MUST for our races survival if we are to separate from… Read more »

9 years ago

That guy from South Africa was great. We should really learn more from them. I am pleased I put some leaflets about the South African White Genocide around London, including the South African Embassy and the Mandela statue.

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