Insights from an Observer: University (9-18-14)


Getting Through University

Tonight join an Observer as I relay a situation a good friend of mine is currently going through in university.

Your calls are always welcome…and for those who asked for the “Lion” video:

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Adam Armstrong
9 years ago

Man, this was rather demoralizing. University is a scam, but you don’t have to go to a major U as an undergrad, and you can take STEMM (including medicine) and avoid some of the crap, as well as take online classes when taking those annoying 100 level English classes. Also, telling White people not to take math is maybe the worst advice you can give! The difference between those who do well in STEM (not so much medicine) fields and those who barely make it is always math. If you can do the math, all the sciences fall in place much easier, and so does finance and just about anything that gives you utility and leverage. It’s also the one area, along with physics, that… Read more »

9 years ago

I never stated for us to give up in any way.
I never stated to not take mathematics.
I stated if one were to attend university, to only do it for STEM fields. Nursing, IT, are currently saturated, at least where I live.
My advice was not to give up—but to start your own business, be your own boss, and avoid the indoctrination if you can. Overall, university is a waste of time and money, unless going into STEM.
I agree with the rest of your points.

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