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10 years ago

Lugh, one of your best shows yet. thanks

10 years ago

On the show you did with Rodney Martin it is incorrect to think that christians and non christians can co-exist. christianity is a conquering religion as stated in their book!

Their christian jew god commands to eliminate all nations, cities and people that are not of their faith! So it does not matter what any christian, identity or otherwise, says…

christians do not have many true believers since most of them never read their book, but they are still lead by their christian preachers and are useful idiots for their cause.

10 years ago

Hoping for the military to do what needs to be done is the same silly, lazy, weak-willed attitude that has people hoping that if only we can elect a White jewthinking Republican to the presidency, he will hold back the tsunami of cultural marxism. This is why anyone with the potential to form an Aryan soul, and even many without that potential, who spend time in the military become contemptuous of the American public. Even the posture and affectations of the US civilian betray the weak servility more conclusively demonstrated by their continued tolerance of this system that enslaves them. The soldiers/sailors/airmen/marines are “good people” who don’t like the corruption? Meh, abstract attitudes not acted on are inconsequential. It’s a job, money is there to… Read more »

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