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9 years ago

brilliant stuff.
the first 10 mins i was crippled

J Middleton
9 years ago

It’s a vain attempt to control the internet because modern computer technology is far too interconnected and versatile.

9 years ago

Kyle and Drew together is a great combination, you seem to bring out the best in each other.
Nice use of sarcasm and humour amongst the serious topics.
Anyway, thanks from UK.

9 years ago

Great stuff! Let’s have more of Drew Levy and Kyle Cohen!

9 years ago

You don’t understand net neutrality AT ALL. It’s to make internet a public utility so that huge corporations like Verizon and Comcast can’t monopolize markets and then provide shitty service for a high price. The major ISPs also wanted to throttle the conections to certain services like Netflix and then hold them at ransom if they want their data to move at a reasonable rate. Our internet speeds are a joke compared to the rest of the world and now that the rules have changed you’ll start seeing more services like Google Fiber that offers insane speeds for a reasonable price. This has nothing to do with NSA spying. If you’re concerned about that stop using social media and major email services. Learn about TOR… Read more »

9 years ago

I’m not worried about spying, we already have that. It’s about government control leading to censorship.

9 years ago

And loss of public anonymity.

9 years ago

Don’t try to tell people the definition of net neutrality because you have to vote for it before you can find out what you think it really is. So , when rich people that get to vote for it pass it they will be told by the other rich people that thought up the law what they think it means then they will tell us what they think it means but their definition might not be the same definition that was told to them by the people that told them so they can both plausibly deni the info. they got from one another was not correct or correct. So , in court when people sue them for privacy issues concerning taking of private information exchange… Read more »

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