Never So Defiant And Proud: Return To Purity (1-30-18)

Chris H reads articles from the Renegade Tribune. Articles were focused around the topics of Racial Purity and a moral compass based around National Socialism, also Adolf Hitler as a great leader for our people. The following articles were read >


music: E Nomine – Schwarze Sonne

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6 years ago

Listing the works covered in shows adds a lot to them, good.

Chris H
Reply to  SonOfTheNorth
6 years ago

Thanks SonOfTheNorth. Reading articles was my back up option if I had no guest. I was too tired late on to put something together myself. Ofcourse I still had to find articles etc, so it’s not like no effort went into the show. Focusing for 2 hours is not easy. I thought if I were to read a load of articles they may as well be listed in the description. Glad you appreciate.

Quintus Sertorius
6 years ago

That was a great compilation of articles on very important and inspiring topics. I appreciate the work you’re doing to educate our people and improve our future prospects. Thank you, Chris H.

6 years ago

WHAT? Racial matches? Are you saying that the hedgehog never has sexual relations with a Chilean Condor? You damned condorist and hedgehogist. Please hang your head in shame and make 10K pink holoco$t wristbands for punishment.

6 years ago

Industry and manufacture, consumerism and boring mass production of smaeness is not of out people. The industrial revolution was the imposed system to heard the people of the forest into Poils\City to become a number among many. This is not Nordic or Germanic.

6 years ago

Excellent show.

6 years ago

Good readings. I hope there will be more readings. Perhaps, reading aloud good white racial books could be a part of Renegade. There are audiobooks of white racial books. Maybe, you could recommend such audiobooks.

Chris H
Reply to  Caucasian
6 years ago

I am not currently planning on making this a habit Caucasian. This was a back up option since I had nothing else prepared. I put alot of effort into trying to get guests on, and I couldn’t get through to others. Occasionally reading others works aloud I think is a great thing, however I think our main focus needs to be creating our own works. I felt like this wasn’t fully my show since 95% of the show was me just reading what others had written.

6 years ago

Chris, did you choose that picture to advertise your time slot on Renegade ? 🙂

Chris H
Reply to  P. Davey
6 years ago

Yes the picture below TUE on the main page does that very nicely as I am sure you recognised.

6 years ago

Posting this here ’cause I didn’t know where else to put it. Larken in the Lie-Loop:


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