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9 years ago

Who is the artist performing the song at the end of the show?

9 years ago

Whenever get bored with my generation on blogs, can always count on some Renegade shows to wake me up. Thought your audience might get a kick as to how the National mudia is attempting to smear my run for public office. Heh, as the cemented Jimmy Hoffa said: ” don’t give a damn what you say as long as you spell my name right ! ” (regular site: election site: ) GREAT TO HEAR YOU YOUNG RENEGADE WHITES ALL FLAMED AND READY TO ROCK !!

9 years ago

fantastic rant at the near end of show. Spot on kyle.

9 years ago

The New Race War in Ferguson Show! Starring, Paid unknown mixed races actors & actresses to act out against the Rich controllers enforcers. Reason , So Rich controlled enforcers can have the reason to justify buying & getting more advanced enforcement equipment to control all non- rich controller supporters of which most are non-Zionists it appears. The question is: Are the enforcers pro- zion rich controllers promotors or not. Answer Who pays their pay checks , There is your answer.

9 years ago

The taxpayers should not be funding the police to protect private business owners property , that should be the function of paid private security forces by the business owners themselves on an individual business basis. State , gov. buildings / property would of course be protected by state national gov. employies. By purposely sending troops / enforcers there, the rich controllers are causing more conflict & violence because it gives the crazy one protester / mole, -(that has a different agenda), a target to fight, thus sending the message on TV that the business there “where the protesting is” support the rich controllers agenda which might or might not be the case. Its all propaganda for show that if you have any better ideas or… Read more »

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