Radio Wehrwolf: AFP’s 2016 Presidential Ticket (11-4-15)


On tonight’s broadcast Dion will be speaking with the American Freedom Party’s presidential ticket candidates for 2016. We will have the presidential candidate Bob Whitaker, the vice-presidential candidate Tom Bowie, and Mr. Whitaker’s Chief of Staff Laura on the show.

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8 years ago

the particular situation of naming a Jewish leadership/underground or not naming them gets confusing because they don’t name themselves. which is a deli ma for us AND for them. Because they remain unnamed- can we presume to name them- because the obvious reaction of disbelief from most people springs from this fact -that they WOULD name themselves if they were as powerful as we claim.they are. ..crafty old Bob Whitaker doesn’t name them- he might be on to something there.

Winter-chan Cultist
8 years ago

I always love Bob’s interviews. Fun to listen to

8 years ago

While I do believe in naming the jew, obviously, it really depends on who you are talking to at that moment. To use their analogy, if you’re being held underwater I feel it’s important to know who’s holding you down. I do realize it’s a double edge sword though. If we’re speaking with each other, naming the jew is vital to our struggle. If you’re trying to reach a wider audience and wake people up, the what is more important, at that point, than the who.

8 years ago

Bob’s a legend, always great to hear how he approaches political discourse. He is one of those few people on the Pro-White side who truly understands the importance of terminology, associations & language and using them in the political arena. A shining beacon when unfortunately main people regurgetate the deliberately chosen terminology of the liberal left: ‘Grooming’, ‘Refugees’ etc. @Ion If you are going to reference Jews then you need to be, to an extent, an enclyopedia on much of what they do. For example if I were to talk about education in the Western world and accused the liberal-left of subverting it then I would not be challenged much for it. If I were challenged I would only need to give some weak examples… Read more »

8 years ago

Most Renegade listeners are already at an advanced stage of racial awareness; we recognize the problem. Unfortunately, the majority are not aware that they are being targeted. Whitaker doesn’t “name the jew” because when you do that, “jew” is all that the majority of demoralized White folks will hear. People have been “naming the Jew” since Henry Ford’s day and it does not WORK. The masses ignore “the problem” (that we are getting our asses kicked) and focus on “racism”. Then, they start screaming the r-word, or shut us out, because that is their conditioned response. Whitaker’s focus is on getting people to understand that THEY are getting THEIR OWN asses kicked. Once they start to understand that point, they will figure out who is… Read more »

Reply to  michael
8 years ago

It worked for the NSDAP.

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