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9 years ago

Might be an idea to do a show on breiviks letters and his clarification of the Israel position.

9 years ago

Seamus, Might be an idea to do a show on whether or not “Brevik” was a creation of the Israelis – and not who and what the Jew Media says he is. Might be an idea to do a show on how the Jews created an entirely fake person for “Operation Mincemeat” during WWJew. Might be an idea to stop playing along with the retarded Jew Official Narrative as though it’s not just a “Storyline” designed to push an agenda. If you really think “Brevik” was a real person – how about first proving or disproving that. Why would you skip the issue of whether or not the Brevik character was legit and jump right into his “Manifesto”? Might was well do a show on… Read more »

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