Radio Wehrwolf: Third World Terrorism (8-19-15)


Tonight Dion will be discussing real terrorists, not what the media wants you to believe. First the rampant Muslim violence occurring in Sweden, in light of the recent beheading in an IKEA. Then I will compare it to the rise of Mestizo violence in the US. The circumstances of these two countries are very similar.

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Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

Kyle, I posted this on your chatango board. The archive for this show is only showing 5 minutes. Hope its backed up. I missed the first hour and 50 minutes so I figured I’d wait for the archive.

Steven J Lewis
8 years ago

Thanks I see the player

Brion K Baker
8 years ago

Another great show Dion.

Brion K Baker
8 years ago

I’d be willing to bet that the woman that called in and was rambling on and on knows the words to every goddamn piece of shit cunt tree song on the radio. She was kind of funny and made a good point or two along the way, but over all; just really sad.

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