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9 years ago

After 1:40 or so you needed to bring up to the caller that their are Anti-White races , Mixed , other Whites & races that are causing our White race genocide thus reducing the future number of (White race people with White race genetics being born) to carry on our culture . He was your typical Anti-White race person , He was brainwashed by the rich controlled media to think that his race is owed something by Whites of the White race -JUST BECAUSE OF HIS RACE , What a Anti-white racists asshole. At first I thought he might agree with separation of races to preserve our different races cultures for the GOOD of ALL races , mixed , hybrid , Almost pure . But… Read more »

9 years ago

“But in the end he just wanted to assimilate ALL races together & destroy ALL race cultures it appeared.”

F— that deracinated, anti-White, anti-racist loser and the rest of his ilk. This lame brain is just parroting the sinister, long-wished for Judeo-Marxist (wet) dream of racial amalgamation–Jews excluded , of course, (not that they’re a race in the truest sense of the word).

Long live race and “racism”!

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