Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 11-22-13

EPISODE XXVII: Guns of the Patriots in the Fourth Age

It seems as clear as the days are short these Autumn months that the American Revolution is STILL unfulfilled. Here we all are; at the dawn of the New American Era! The age of Imperium. This broadcast includes;

-Revilo P Oliver’s The Three American Eras

-Short Summary of the Soft and Hard kill of the American Blue and White Collar Folk

-Revilo P Oliver’s The Jewish Strategy– parts 1-2

-The Various Types of Traitors Among Us and their ‘World Citizen’/ International Terrorist Masters

-Socio-cultural Upheaval in America: 1960’s Reclamation, Internet Idea Dispersal, Strongholds

-The Historical Mindset and Priority List

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10 years ago

Great show today Sieg. Sorry I wasn’t able to make it live. I’ll be in Vegas until Tuesday so if anyone wonders where I’m at that’s it. Hail Victory RENEGADES!

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