Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 11-29-13

Episode XXVIII Eternal Darkness 3: Black Friday Insanity

Hear ye Renegade listeners & spy-trolls,

His Royal Highness’ Head Health Contingent regrets to inform ye all that it is by self-inflicted emergency mandate and spirit decree that His Royal Highness the Skald High King is unable to report for the finest of the fine this evening.

Ye all are at liberty to enjoy or ignore the following segments;

-Live radio from old and all new hosts like Keith and Rich from Truth Militia Radio and Eddy O’Kelley; host of Genuine Fascism

-Commander Dana reports from an undisclosed Germanic Life Cult Fun Zone w/ Arild Holm whom will detail the upcoming Renegade Video Game he’s designing

-Royal updates on Siegfried’s psychological state with long-time Strong Island friend Dante Vespucci

-commercials and ads from allies and enemies alike

ACHTUNG: Strong language found within.  Listener discretion is advised.  Viewer discretion advised to sell footage to your local Arno Breker wannabes.

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10 years ago

Great show Sieg. The first part really cracked me up. Those commercial parodies with were very well done. VIVA LA RENEGADE

10 years ago

RPO singing WHAM was brilliant…couldn’t stop laughing.

10 years ago

Siegfried’s best, fo’ sho! 🙂

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