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10 years ago

Greetings from Sweden (once again)! Here is a video about the (uninvited) apperance of the non parliamental nationalist party “svenskarnas parti” (Paty of the swedes) at the yearly political Almedalen conference in the Beutiful medieval town of Visby on the Swedish Island of Gotland in the baltic sea. The Almedalen Conference hails back to the early 1970’s when the former swedish socialdemocratic primeminister Olof Palme started the tradition of speeking in the Almedealen park (after which the conference is namned) every summer, later on other political parties joined and it became a coference for all political parties in the swedish “Riksdag” (parliament). Nowadays the conference is arranged the first week in July every year. The apperance of SVP was a great sucess and many were… Read more »

10 years ago

Yeah, the Japanese definitely are the only people to allow people with Aryan traits, a place as the Hero…

Quite alot of the Final Fantasy games, have blonde protagonists and characters… The only really decent games out there, the rest really harbor no value; other than mindless violence and poor story telling…

Great show none the less, your latest one, was the first live one (finally) I’ve listened to..

P.S I’m up for hearing your take on the gaming lore, considering how big they have gotten (gaming industry) over the past couple of years…

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