Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 8-16-13

EPISODE XIV: Eternal Darkness

Siegfried, Renegade’s resident Extreme Romantic Volkish Europid-centric Meritocratic Skald puts subtlety to the curb with;

  • epic consumerist poetry by Papa John
  • rants and brainstorms to combat the darkness
  • anti-miscegenation ditty from Merseyside
  • savage whims expressed by law and # of “tweets”
  • a somewhat soothing message from Haydn for the somewhat eternal ones

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10 years ago

Another good show & I liked the music as well. I especially liked the second selection you played (Haydn) & the third one (La Folia). I could not make out the composer you named. I thought that was Vivaldi. You are wiser than most folks that are triple your age. For most people the longer they live the greater the quantity of destructive propaganda they absorb. You mentioned the Mongoloid “Indians” that are native to Asia – you might like the article “Hooked on Weakness” (“Tuesday, June 12, 2012) – http://niflson.blogspot.com/ He (Niflson)has written other good articles that are on that page. What was the piece you played at the end of the program?

Reply to  Bill Rhyes
10 years ago

Thanks so much! Hope you enjoyed the antiracemixing song too 😀 And yeah, I adore Niflson’s work and actually had him on for a show back in the day. It was a multifaceted discussion! I was supposed to have him on to talk about the Vedas and the like so keep your open for that future show!

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