Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 8-9-13

The host gets on air to discuss extremely taboo topics (as usual).  On this episode, the efforts and whims of the ancestors will be considered with each issue explored; both modern and timeless in composure. This is a show of uncensored opinion and ideals.

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10 years ago

This was my first time listening to your program. Very good show. I especially liked your take in regards to non-human animals verses White Human animals. There are many folks within the movement that have irrational sets of priorities when it comes to animals. Many folks imagine that animals possess certain human traits they do NOT possess & some even prefer animals to humans. Our survival is in jeopardy & there are far more important matters to address than the welfare of animals. The Jew World Order (headquartered in the Jewnited States Of Israel) is very reckless & is a threat to all life on the planet (plants & animals) so thus we must concentrate on bringing the USA down if we are to survive.… Read more »

10 years ago

It has always fascinated me, when a bird takes flight. I have always asked myself; how they manage to do that, well of course I know how through their bones being hollow and therefore making them light enough to take flight. Among the wonder of how they manage to do so, it has often crossed my mind where they might go. Imagine you where the one who could fly, what would you do? I know for a fact I would travel around the world, gazing down at life on earth. But I realise now that my view would be spoilt, by all industrial, man-made and damaging things I would fly over. As well as birds, which I have grown up with living on what one… Read more »

10 years ago

who is Siegfried? Siegfried, old Norse Sigurd, figure from the heroic literature of the ancient Germanic people. He appears in both German and Old Norse literature, although the versions of his stories told by these two branches of the Germanic tradition do not always agree. He plays a part in the story of Brunhild, in which he meets his death, but in other stories he is the leading character and triumphs. A feature common to all versions is his outstanding strength and courage. One story tells of Siegfried’s fight with a dragon, and another of how he acquired a treasure from two brothers who quarreled over their inheritance. These two stories are combined into one in the Norse Poetic Edda and told in detail, whereas… Read more »

10 years ago

Good Show Again Siegfreid!

tj lofstrand
10 years ago

I enjoyed your program very much. I just listened to you for the first time, after I found your profile on facebook. I have a link for you perhaps you already know about it. The man’s name is William Finck, he is a teacher of history and the origins of the white race. He teaches from the classics and the Bible. Check him out if you get time you won’t be disappointed! http://christogenea.org/Herodotus-Scythians

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