Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 9-13-13

Episode XVIII: Non-White Privilege and Media Mind Ensnarement

Detailing and meditation upon the issues raised on recent Renegade broadcasts.  Siegfried goes on air to air grievances and opinions.  Old Europid music and open phone lines as usual!

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10 years ago

Superb broadcast! I thought you and the caller made a lot of great points.

10 years ago

Hi Siegfried, excellent broadcast youre caller joseph from the UK was so right, and i say that as a fellow English nationalist. It sickens me to see white people mimicking black and asian street culture. There is nothing cool about not being able speaking english correctly. I would just say, we might be a minority now but soon the situation on the ground will force people to allign on racial grounds or face their own destruction.

I Hate Juice!
10 years ago

Hi Sieg, enjoy your shows man. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders for someone your age! Hope you check these comments as I have something to pass on – relates to videogames that you’ve discussed before and this is one you may want to discuss in an upcoming show as it’s right on the button! Check this shit out & check the jewish name of that Naughty Dog creative director and writer – “Naughty Dog says gender/minority debate will push industry forward” By Eddie Makuch, News Editor September 13, 2013 2:51PM PDT Neil Druckmann says storytelling techniques are advancing and industry is “on the cusp” of seeing games with “strong, non-sexualized” female protagonists being successful. Discussions about gender and minority visibility in games… Read more »

10 years ago

When I heard that name of Piers Morgan coming up I had to think of another trick the jewish media played recently. There was this black fraudulent guy Michael King, also known as Martin Luther King that got killed in the sixties. They´ve been at this Treyvon MARTIN for a year and a half now. In 1991 and beyond they broadcasted this Rodney KING story over and over. All in order to create a subconscious hatred towards us white people. Who´s next, some Leroy LUTHER or something?

I just had to point this out, thanks for all your great shows.

10 years ago

Brilliant Show As Always ,Siegfried.

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