Ragnarok Now w/ Siegfried 9-6-13

Episode XVII: Imperium Europa Now

Dana Antiochus joins the show for a discussion on history, the rhymeswith BLOG’s war ventures, culture and education in the USA. Bon appetito! This anti-antifa no spin zone brought you by Papa John’s Piesah and the Great White Noidz.

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10 years ago

Brilliant Show As Always Siegfried!

10 years ago

Another good show. It would be cool if you (Siegfried) would be on the Roundtable more often. As for the poll – What type (examples)of famous Aryan writings are you considering? I voted YES! as for that clip – Can you imagine a town of just mud people? All with the same color hair & all with the same eye color (iris the same black as the pupils)? We have our own diversity with the different hair colors & the different beautiful eye colors. Always nice to hear Dana’s take.

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