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10 years ago

mike, I was looking forward to hearing your take on the history of sports and the involvement of the jew, but that unfortunately did not come to pass.

10 years ago

Dear Mike and all, AWESOME! Livin out here in the “boonies” of rural Iowa I listened to it driving to working last night, partly, and finished most this morning. I never really liked discussions even at the 400 level courses at the small private college I graduated from because most people just take themselves way too serious and take disagreement so personally that everybody pussy-foots around and I’m the one asshole saying no you’re wrong because you have not provided a compelling case with adequate and consistent facts! Your show actually had a real discussion! People used to think my family, as well as the girls I’d have alongside me when young, looked at us and my friends and I as dysfunctional because we “argued”… Read more »

10 years ago

The exorcism of the caller who said the NSA/CIA run everything and not the Jews, was hilarious. He finally said “I’d say it’s the Jews”. HAHAHA!!

Even though it helped prove the point of the show, it still sucks that Mike probably didn’t get to the other notes. But there’s always next week.

Reply to  RAHOWA14
10 years ago

Bud, Mike’s diversions are always worth a listen.

But Hoelee Sheeit! That caller! I almost thought I was Catholic there again for a few minutes, all this WASP bashing and Alex Jonesian stuff.

10 years ago

Great fucking show Mike!Thanks!!!

10 years ago

Mike sledge – would you be interested in interviewing my friend J Bruce Campbell – American Defense Party and myself Mike Strobach – nationalconscience? Check out our ideology and let me know – and by the way – if you have ever heard of Gottfried Feder – founder of deutsche arbeiterpartei – German workers Party – the founding document of national socialism – die brechung der zinsknechtshaft – the breaking of interest servitude 1919 has been translated to English by me at my website link to I really enjoy your attitude and I think you will find Campbell well worth the time to interview – link to you did a show with david from texas a while back, the subversion of paganism, it… Read more »

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