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10 years ago

When Dana said fifteen/four I fell over laughing. Awesome broadcast. 15/4

10 years ago

Great show Mike you guys hit a home run (sorry about the sports reference) I am not into sports. I’m glad someone is talking about “nigger fatigue”. Most of us suffer in silence, in this politically correct prison, in the land of ZOG. I was talking to a former friend who had found Christianity and I happened to weave the subject of Israel into the conversation. How these “nuts” with a bible view that country is beyond me. He said all Israel wanted was to be left alone, as thought they were victims of the rest of humanity. I had to bite my tongue not to tell him they are the biggest murderers on the face of the earth. People like him have descended into… Read more »

10 years ago

I really had a very good time with your show. The Antarctica-Nazis that keep an eye on us thing is very powerful. Even if it’s not true (I myself believe it is true), it gives enormous confidence to keep going. Please say: Victory Hail and not Hail Victory. It’s also Sieg Heil in German and not Heil Sieg. Imagine you the American Führer saying “Victory” after a speech, and the National Socialist crowds scream “Hail!”. It sounds a lot better than the other way around. Hail/Heil in the beginning is to greet a person, not a cause. Using humor is really the best propaganda. It makes people listen to have a good time and pulls in a lot of folks. The dry history revision shows… Read more »

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