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10 years ago

Mike and Jim, I agree with you. I don’t even know what drove me that mad to argue with Daniel to that level. I pledge that I will not do it again, and want to settle this with Daniel and everyone who might be involved in this bickering fight. I need to get it together. I have seen this infighting among others and if I’m not involved, I can obviously see it and judge it as unproductive. Whatever happened in 1600 or 1900 was then, now is now, and today’s situation is unique in history. Mike and Jim, you are my witnesses. PS. (the midget in the car was my daughter. I couldn’t talk that day and only called in to listen. She has a… Read more »

10 years ago

Dear Mike, Bob and Markus,

I am surprised, happy and impressed by your understanding that I want us to be fighting together, on the same side, for our sovereignty as European peoples, and not against each other.

10 years ago

Great show. Thanks for letting me call in. Sledge and WWS together are like chocolate and peanut butter LOL

10 years ago

Wolf Wallstreet was talking about a currency.
WHat about Bitcoin or similar currencies?

10 years ago


I don’t know much about it. Recently heard that someone was accepting Bitcoin payments.

10 years ago

Hello Mike,

this was a very interesting exchange.

Regarding 1:11 – 1:13 of the audio:

please leave a comment detailing the date and the names of the people participating in the CSPAN roundtable where the controlled opposition to the WTO 1998/1999? protests was discussed. I searched the CSPAN website but failed to find it for myself.

Many thanks.

10 years ago

Great show, great introduction Mike!

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