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10 years ago


Your announced departure stuck me as a sort of punch in the gut. You are most definitely one of the most intelligent and most entertaining personalities I have ever had the privilege of listening to.

I want you to know that you’ve made a real difference for me personally and I have consistently sought you out to listen to your programs – and would routinely set aside other issues to seal off the necessary timeframe. Yeah, you’re that good.

You have friends you’ve never met (yet).

Best to you and your family.


10 years ago

Mike, I’m fuck

Mike, you said that I’m fucking crazy and you didn’t have to listen to my liberal bullshit anymore and you hang up on me. Not too diplomatic. Just because you disagree with me doesn’t mean you have the right to insult me. Good luck in your new endeavors. I won’t have to listen to YOUR bullshit anymore either.

nmg crazy

10 years ago

Dear Mike, Always have enjoyed listening to your show. The “Alcoholics Corner” and “Best Show Ever” from October were hilarious and yet still give food for thought. Recently the shows about the Prison system and the new Slave Labor we have with Multi-National Jew Corps coming back here for the new slavery was really fascinating and a surprise to me. I knew a little bit about the scandal in PA with the the Juvenile hall and the corrupt Jewdge but I had no idea prison wages were being driven into the ground for this “New Enterprise”. Even with the exchange with Jim, Mike, that was great! Russia and China are two countries that I always see debate in this community over and that was key… Read more »

10 years ago

What the fuck you’re quitting!!? Ah Listening to Renegade
will not be the same… You are the best and the most
entertaining radio personalities I’ve heard in a long time.

If you need to take care of personal businesses, take a break
a couple of months or a year, but quitting permanently I think
is a mistake… The others are good to but no one is as entertaining
as you! You will be missed!

/Lumik from Sweden

Alexander (from Flanders)
10 years ago

Mike Sledge is quitting…


I have to agree with Lumik that no one is as entertaining as the one and only Herr Sledge(hammer). But I can understand that doing a 2 hour show every week is pretty difficult. I would not be able to do it.

So… how about doing:

Maybe 1 show every month?
Perhaps a little pre recorded show of 25 minutes every 2 weeks? 🙂

Anyway; Thanks for the shows you did. And I hope that you’re personal life troubles are easy to fix. And I wish you and you’re loved ones the very best.

10 years ago

hey sledgehammer, maybe “retirement” is the wrong word for it – but i saw this coming, and you will always be a brother to me! its an honor to know you man

10 years ago

I follow Mike from the beginig!He has quited many times before and i am sure that afther a short brake he will be back as allways!When he gets bored he will return stronger as he did before!!
Greetings from Serbia!

10 years ago

quitting? the enemy never stops, ever…..

10 years ago–renegade-broadcasting-commentary FOLLOWING IS THE INCOMPLETE MANUSCRIPT FROM FART ONE. BY BILL’S BUDDY, DAMON. IT IS TIME STAMPED FOR YOU GUYS TO TAKE SAMPLE CLIPS FOR FUNNY MOCKING STUFF. Five minute intro song by Phil Collins. “I don’t care anymore. I don’t care what you say. I don’t play the same games that you do. Don’t play by the same rules. Get out of my way. I got better things to do with my time. I’m feeling alright by myself. I remember all the times I tried so hard.” [5:00] Don’t mess with Texas anti-litter campaign. Bolshevik dead horse Tom Metzger, as Pierce said. Dead in the water. (Mail thing, SPLC.) More on that later. Bill Rhyes is also a shill and Renegade too! Get into… Read more »

Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

did somebody give him one of those joke ciggies that keep going out or something? how many times to light that thing? and then ‘well, more on that later’…totally fucking wacky man

10 years ago FOLLOWING IS THE INCOMPLETE MANUSCRIPT FROM FART TWO. BY BILL’S BUDDY, DAMON. IT IS TIME STAMPED FOR YOU GUYS TO TAKE SAMPLE CLIPS FOR FUNNY MOCKING STUFF. Five minute metal intro song. [5:00] Hopefully this is the last time. Who knows what they’re gonna say in response. I don’t care. Again this show is another response to Renegade, or the Bill Rice Network. Spelled R I C E not R H Y E S as he would have you believe. Look it up in the Urban Dictionary. [6:00] My friend tried to find his name on geneology sites and just didn’t have any luck. Outta tell you somethin’. Don’t mess with Texas anti-Yankee highway littering campaign in the 80s. Common Jewish tactic of mock… Read more »

Reply to  Damon
10 years ago

Not sure what your post is supposed to “expose”?? Dave had really good shows with kyle and Mike. They had a falling out…it happens.. Dave’s show are great and very informative, just like Kyle and Mike’s. His coughs and smoke going out seems more comedy than anything..

I’m sure, this hostility will pass. In this form of “truth” whenever there is a falling out, it’s always stated they were either bought etc or shill from the beginning, it’s a defense statement because they accuser feels like they got duped…… Take the info , investigate it yourself, throw out the garbage…

Reply to  Hamilton
10 years ago

Friendly open letter from Damon to Dave in Texas. Yes I emailed this to Dave. I assume you got the sacred manuscripts I did from your reply shows. It’s incomplete, but I got the funny and best parts. I kept much of it fair I think from what you were trying to say. And I agree with many of the points. I actually made the points about how is Truth Militia gone and not Renegade etc. And Might Is Right is still going. Which I like all of those shows. I kind of put the scripts out to bring you attention again, to some of your material as a result of people noticing the controversy. Kind of like a controlled opposition tactic the Jews use.… Read more »

Jeremy B
10 years ago

The problem is there is only so much discussion you can have on the same topic all the time. Even with all the wonderful shows and great effort these kinds of shows should be spaced out more it would make them more fresh and less of a hassle for the host. Focus more on the tribune perhaps just my thoughts.

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