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Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

What a show! holy shit, you guys fuckin killed it! absolutely brilliant – see i’m convinced when we get all our heads together and start working in unison there is no stopping us! So many points made, loved Rich’s generalization about criminality – 100% right, mastery over the underground/cartel/racket is key to our survival, which is why i watch gangland. Mindweapons has made this point about eastern europe. You guys just pounded, nail after nail into this shit cesspool jew paradise.

10 years ago

Regarding factions of jews. There are 2 major factions of jews. But it doesn’t matter that much to us because both of them are hostile to us so the end result is the equivalent to being just one. It’s just like blaming all of the other factions like the so-called truth movement does, the globalist, the Illuminati, etc. They are all just tools for the jews regardless of which faction of jews are using them or which tool they choose to use. Listen to my first show here. However, the zionist are the most rabid. The other is more Fabian.

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