ReConstructions Live w/ Mike Sledge 8-22-13

Tonight Tom Metzger joins Mike Sledge for a conversation on how to appeal and unite the white working class and discuss strategies for the future. We will discuss the snares that have been laid down for us by the enemy and how to avoid them. Also the best way for our people to proceed in the struggle for the future. So join us tonight right here at ReConstructions Live.

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10 years ago

This should be an awesome show!!! But please do not play country hick music!!
Now you probably will for sure since I said not to, so fvck you in advance! 🙂

Also, avoid talking about his life story as all of the other interviews have
done by focusing on his situation in the 1980s the entire show, we heard it.
It’s only useful to know that if you win seats by votes they will take them!





10 years ago

I think “Lone Wolf” is the way to go. It’s simple. If we all get together somewhere, they could just drop a bomb on us and get rid of us all at once.

10 years ago

Tom Metzger is a Freemason shill. He has been cooperating with Hal Turner, involved with masonic groups like KKK and JBS and trying to get young nationalists isolated from society and has been promoting terrorism. His radio network creates “lone nut” type of personalities who are poster boys of zionist media created sterotype of “violent nazi.” Masons favourite tactic is propagating internal class warfare to destablize society and take control. Their main MO is chaos creation so that lower classes of society will attack elite and never the real puppet masters who are jews and their masonic army of gentile traitors. The Freemasons have infiltrated the Aryan Nationalist movement since WWII. They realized how the staunch anti-Mason aryan fascist Benito Mussolini had been reigning as… Read more »

Mike Sledge
10 years ago

Ahhhh so it’s the Masons!! LOL!! If you listened to last night’s broadcast you would have heard Tom call out Hal Turner as a shill. But, anyway I very rarely comment on these forums. Everybody is a shill and a Mason or a secret Jew. I have heard it all. If you disagree with my guest than fine. But let me say this. Who the hell are you? What have you done or sacrificed for this cause. Probably just another Bagel!! Bagelian Dialectic!!! LOL

10 years ago

Very good job interviewing Terrible Tommy! Of course I liked the Alex Jones imitation. He is one of the people I would like to have a couple of beers with. He has likely heard that a lot.

expose supremacists
10 years ago

I always have to laugh when I see the phrase “what have you done?” Would it matter anyway? As far as I can tell we are still getting our asses kicked by the JEW. Here is why I say this and I know you guys despise most of these guys but here are the facts: The Truth Militia practically admitted that they are throwing in the towel. Go check their website if you don’t believe me. Oracle was crushed by Dov Cohen, too much JEW talk and then he starts another paytriotard radio show. ZCF has practically gone full on paytriotard and is basically saying that it’sonly a handful of jews to blame. Charles Giuliani has dropped out of the game and is multi-cult DBS… Read more »

Dana Antiochus
10 years ago

bagel get out of here!

10 years ago

Excellent & fun interview Mike!! Ive been wanting renegade to interview Terrible Tom for a long time! & who better than Alex Jones!!

10 years ago

bagel go back to mami’s shit

jOsh in Kentucky
10 years ago

Great show, I love the alex jones thing you did. Tom is a true hero.

10 years ago

Tom Metzger appeared on The Chad Factor (Black Racial Separatists) 8/30/2013 show!

10 years ago

can you send me a link to that tom metzker on the black seperatits show please my email is

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